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Beach Elementary School

Hall of Fame

These students have earned a Level 5, the highest you can earn, on the MAAP (Mississippi Academic Assessment Program) in either Math, ELA (English Language Arts) or both. Their posters will hang in our school every year as an inspiration to the students who follow them. Congratulations on your hard work and success!
Visit our PHOTO GALLERY to see the pictures of all of these hard working students! 
Audrey Becker - Math                                    Price Berry - Math & ELA
Evan Beck - Math                                          Adie Grace Henderson - Math & ELA
Grace Beck - Math & ELA                              Sam Lawrence - Math & ELA
Emma Bowman - Math                                  Adriana Lopez - Math & ELA
Robert Bridges - ELA                                     Kelsey Mitchell - Math
Charlie Brown - Math
Isabella Mitchell - ELA
Massyah Thomas - ELA
Sawyer Windham - Math & ELA
David Bishop - ELA & Math
Price Berry - ELA & Math
Adie Grace Henderson - ELA & Math
Sam Lawrence - ELA & Math
Adriana Lopez - ELA
Kelsey Mitchell - Math
Lane Barlow - ELA & Math
Emily Landeverde - ELA & Math
Foster Windham - ELA & Math