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Beach Elementary School

Attendance Policy

State House Bill 1530:  Students who attend Beach Elementary must attend school for a minimum of 63% of their instructional time (4 hours and 38 minutes each day) in order to be counted present. Students must be present from: 7:20am-12:25pm if checked out early.  If tardy, they must be checked in by 10am in order to be counted present for the day.  If your student is not present for the minimum amount of time, excused or unexcused, they will be marked absent for the day.

In the elementary, academy, and middle schools (Pre-K-8), the limit of absences shall be four (4) days of unexcused absences per semester or six (6) days total (includes excused and unexcused) per semester. On day five (5) for unexcused absences and day seven (7) for the total number absences, the grade for the semester goes to 60/F or actual grade, whichever is lower.